Engine 24

Engine 24 is the dept’s grass and brush fire vehicle, and occasional EMS support and utility vehicle, currently stationed at #1 station. Engine 24 is a NIMS Type 6 engine. Engine 24 is a 2010 Ford F-450 4x4 chassis, with a pump skid unit of a Hale 200 gpm gas pump, 250 gal. water tank, and Scotty Class “A” foam system. Firefighting capabilities include a 75 ft. booster reel, a 150 ft 1-3/4” pre-connect, two garden hose outlets, and Indian tanks and water and ABC extinguishers. EMS 21 has an 8000lb portable electric winch with front and rear receivers, chain saw, AED & BLS first-in bag, and a variety of forcible entry and hand tools.