Medic 22

Medic 22 responds to medical calls and auto accidents out of Station #2. Medic 22 is a Wheeled Coach box mounted on a 2015 Ford F-450 4x4 chassis, with a Stryker PowerLoad Cot System. Squad 22 has a full complement of Adult and Pediatric ACLS equipment, including LifePak 15 heart monitor, plus LUCAS 3.0 CPR Device, tactical EMS/Rescue Task Force bags and body armor, 2 SCBA's, thermal imager, Knox KeySecure, and a variety of forcible entry tools and fire extinguishers. Squad 22 is normally staffed with a minimum of 2 firefighter-paramedics (or EMT’s); this crew also cross-mans Engine 22 (along with the shift Lieutenant and Engineer).